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Draintile and Sump Pump Installation

Hydrostatic pressure below your home will push water up from below the footings of your home and into your crawl space or basement. Hydrostatic pressure is essentially ground water moving around exterior walls and seeking equilibrium by pushing water onto the basement floor. To confirm you are experiencing this condition, you will notice water seepage in various locations, mostly through basement floor cracks or at the edges of basement floors. When water or moisture collects in a basement or crawl space, mold and mildew can grow and pests like termites and carpenter ants can thrive in these undesirable conditions.

A basement draintile installation (commonly called a "French Drain") requires the edge of the concrete floor to be removed and trenched. Perforated draintile is laid into the trench and surrounded by stone, thereby creating a continuous capillary break that leads water to a sump liner or sump pit. Draintile systems in Illinois most often require a sump pump due to the flatness of the land and depth of basements.

If you see seepage or water leaking along the foundation walls, see our Waterproofing and Repairs page.

Homes built on slopes, such as in Atlanta, can sometimes have drain tile systems “brought to daylight”, using gravity instead of relying on a sump pump. Battery back up sump pumps are also available to those who experience long power outages or just desire an insurance against possible pump failure.


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