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SmartSeal System

A permanently sealed crawlspace has tremendous benefits over the traditional dirt area vented to the outside. The SmartSeal System has one main component that sets it apart from any other of our competitors. The use of closed cell spray foam insulation. Sprayfoam insulation provides incredible protection from the outside elements, because it bonds and seals the vapor barrier directly to the concrete or stone foundation.

SmartSeal System sprayfoam layer creates a monolithic insulation barrier that moisture proofs and bonds to both the foundation and the vapor barrier. Not only will the SmartSeal insulation make your floors warmer, but also in many cases we have reduced the energy bills for heating by 40% or more! With results like this, the job can be paid for in just a few years from these savings alone!

Now that your crawl space is clean and dry, you can think of it as an inviting and useful "mini basement."

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Sprayfoam Insulation

Applied to the perimeter foundation walls, crawlspace or attic, sprayfoam insulation will increase your home's energy efficiency. Our sprayfoam insulation completely blocks all outside air infiltration from reaching the inside of your home.

Now the insulation factor of your crawl space has increased from 0 to at least R-14, lowering your energy bills year round.

Our Sprayfoam:

  • is environmentally friendly
  • is completely non-toxic (no HFCs, HCFCs, formaldehyde or asbestos)
  • is safe for use with chemically sensitive persons
  • does not support the growth of mold(s) or mildew
  • ensures your crawl space assumes the humidity and efficiency characteristics of your living space
  • Outperforms any competitor's version of insulation and actually meets code requirements.
  • Makes cold floors above a crawlspace warmer
  • Seals all soil gases out and welds our plastic crawlspace liner to any foundation.

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Repairs and Drainage

We offer foundation repair services that includes injection of foundation cracks and honeycombed walls using urethane and epoxy. These methods of foundation crack repair will completely seal cracks, stopping water seepage and insect infiltration. Sometimes, a crack needs to be repaired from the outside. If so, we can dig to the footings and patch the crack.

Hydrostatic pressure below your home will push water up from below the footings of your home and into your crawl space or basement. If you are experiencing this condition, you will notice water seepage in various locations, mostly through floor cracks or at the edges of floors.

We can install a draintile and sump pump system to stop ground-water from invading your home

Turning your crawl space and basement into a dry space will eliminate nasty odors, mold and poor air quality within weeks -- once and for all.

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Take your hostile space and turn it into friendly space!
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