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1. Problem: The Unimproved Crawl Space

Controlling moisture, mold, mildew and rodents in your crawl space is the first step to a healthier home environment. An unimproved crawl space is a perfect place for unwanted pests and it can foster potential health problems associated with wet conditions found in a typical crawl space.

Your crawl space may have a vapor barrier, but that's not much better than exposed dirt. Thin plastic sheets won't stop rodents, moisture and it certainly won't stop flooding. Most vapor barriers are nothing more than unreinforced plastic sheeting prone to puntures and easy for rodents to chew through and enter your home.

Only a professionally designed and proven crawlspace liner or concrete rat slab above an efficient drainage system will suffice. In short, you need a solution that prevents pests and moisture from migrating from the soil to the crawl space environment.

An unimproved crawl space also wastes energy. If your foundation walls are ventialted and without insulation, cold air chills the floor in the Winter and then warm Summer humidity makes your air conditioner work harder to cool your home. To solve this problem, you need to stop the outside air from infiltrating your crawl space and let this area assume environmental and humidity characteristic of your living space!

Turning your crawl space into a dry space will eliminate rodents, nasty odors, mold, and poor air quality and while reducing energy expenses.

2. Solution: SmartSeal System

The proper way to seal the crawl space underneath your home is to install a drainage system and apply a vapor barrier over every exposed dirt surface to seal the crawl space. For the finishing touch, we spray foam insulate the foundation walls. Now, your crawl space is dry and you've taken a huge step towards making your home energy efficient year-round.

SmartSeal Lite: Using advanced crawlspace plastic vapor barriers, the waterproofed crawlspace floor is sealed off. All seams are taped and overlapped to provide maximum protection and durability. Use of closed cell spray foam on the foundation bonds and seals the union with the liner.

SmartSeal Lite

The SmartSeal Lite system has a cost advantage that will make an even quicker payback. Due to the advances in plastic liners, we have crawlspace designed puncture resistant plastic liners that create a durable clean space from a dirt floor. And again, insulating with spray foam will weld the liner to the foundation, sealing off foul smelling soil gas that may include Radon. Smart Seal Lite is a cost saver, which can be prepared so that a concrete slab can be installed at a later date if desired.

SmartSeal with Concrete

The floor is sealed with a crawlspace vapor barrier or liner and then concrete can be pumped in to a 3-4 inch depth. Then, the concrete is hand-troweled smooth and once dry, it provides an impervious barrier to rodents and moisture. Now the spray foam is applied.

Our Spray Foam:

Applied to the perimeter foundation walls, our spray foam insulation will increase your home's energy efficiency. Our sprayfoam insulation completely blocks all outside air infiltration from reaching your crawl space.

Now the insulation factor of your crawl space has increased from 0 to at least R-14, lowering your energy bills year round.

Now that your crawl space is clean and dry, you can think of it as an inviting and useful "mini basement."


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