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Our expert affiliate in Atlanta is experienced in providing crawlspace solutions in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Crawlspace encapsulation systems stop outside air from coming in—so that means less hot, humid air enters your home in the summer, and cooler winter air stays outside in the winter. In addition, a “rat slab” or concrete layer in Atlanta crawlspaces is the only way to keep rats and rodents out of your crawlspace. Mold and mildew are common problems in Atlanta-area crawlspaces. If a member of your family has allergies, taking care of the crawlspace can make a big difference in helping to manage mold allergies and other allergies.

We offer three levels of crawlspace solutions in the Atlanta area — one for every budget:
SmartSeal Encapsulation Liner Vapor Barrier:
Cleaning out your crawlspace and laying a plastic vapor barrier is the first and most affordable step in encapsulating your crawlspace. We can even do the encapsulation in stages to help with budgeting by waterproofing and laying the plastic vapor barrier one year and then adding a rodent-proofing and encapsulting concrete layer later.

SmartSeal Lite Encapsulation System:
This system starts with the plastic vapor barrier and then includes sprayfoam insulation to keep moisture out. Especially on hot and humid Atlanta days, you’ll notice the difference in your crawlspace! The sprayfoam goes one step further than the vapor barrier encapsulation liner to isolate your crawlspace from the outside elements and keep it clean and dry.

SmartSeal Complete System:
The best protection for your crawlspace is offered by a three-step complete crawlspace encapsulation system that includes the vapor barrier, sprayfoam and a concrete base. The SmartSeal Complete System is the best option for long-term crawlspace waterproofing and energy savings on your utility bills. Plus, for rodent proofing or rats in crawlspaces in Atlanta, nothing beats concrete -— rats and rodents simply can’t get through.

With our Complete System, we offer a lifetime warranty against water instrusion in your crawlspace, as well as a guarantee that rats and rodents will not enter your home through the crawlspace. If rodent or rat infestation or waterproofing your crawlspace are key considerations, the SmartSeal Complete System is your best bet. We can even do the Complete System in stages to help with your budgeting—call us today to learn more.

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Watch it! — See our SmartSeal concrete encapsulation system process applied to a typical crawl space. We think you’ll agree, the improvements are dramatic.

Insulate and Save $
Lower your energy bills with spray foam insulation. Crawl spaces, attics and walls –we do it all. 2011 Energy tax credits for crawl space insulation in are available up to $500. Your SmartSeal System will be paid for within a few years of energy savings!

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This review is long overdue. After looking at other companies, Nu-Crawl was who we chose. If you do your research, you'll understand why. What was once a disaster of a place is now somewhere you don't mind going into to for extra storage. What I find unbelievable is with the recent negative 24 degrees we experienced in the Chicago area, the crawlspace feels warmer than the 69 degrees I have my furnace thermostat set at. Sooooo glad we went with Greg and his crew and product.

- Karen Munthe

Great company, Great system, Great people. If you want the best these guys are it. Do some homework and you'll see. Thanks for great job on the crawl space.

- Kevin Wilson

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