Protect Your Health at Home –
Improve Air Quality by Sealing Your Crawlspace

Let’s face it, we are all now thinking more than ever about our own health,
and how to maintain a strong immunity system. Diet and exercise is
always part of a good preventative health regime, but less obvious is the
quality of the air we breathe. Poor indoor air quality puts you and your
family at higher risk for respiratory problems, and also forces your immune
system to work harder against things like mold spores and other allergens.
The number one source for these contaminants in your home is the

Crawlspaces are found throughout Elmhurst, either as an addition or part of
the original design. Most crawl spaces have foul air and are inherently
wet, creating a hidden health hazard that likely affects you on a day to
day basis. Today’s extreme health concerns should be a reminder to
homeowners that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and
sealing off the ground and properly conditioning the inside air will
immediately improve air quality in your home.

As an Elmhurst owned and operated company, ABC Crawlspaces is ready
to help by installing the Nu-Crawl Seamless Encapsulation System in your
home. “We have been focussed on improving air quality in crawl spaces
for over twenty years”, explains owner Greg Mitchell of Elmhurst,” and now
more than ever homeowners should decide their next home
improvement should be about home health and their crawlspace
The process usually takes only one day, and permanently stops the
negative effects of an unfinished crawl space.

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Call 630-561-5200 today and receive a 10% discount for the
Nu-Crawl Encapsulation System. Valid until May 30th, 2020.