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Sealed with spray foam insulation, our SmartSeal Lite system sets a new standard for economical crawlspace liner / vapor barrier systems.

Setting standards is nothing new here at We set the standard for concrete encapsulation systems with our SmartSeal System, and now we’re doing it again with SmartSeal Lite!

Unconditioned crawlspaces let moisture into what is essentially the largest room in your home. This unwanted moisture can make your heating and air conditioning system work harder costing you money and can foster the growth of unhealthy mold and mildew. The solution is to keep all the moisture out of your crawlspace.

Unlike our competition, to increase the energy efficiency of your home, we add our closed cell spray foam insulation to stop the outside air from infiltrating your crawl space. This insulation step ensures your crawl space assumes similar living and humidity characteristic of your living space.

Spray foam on the foundation not only perfectly seals outside unwanted air, but also insulates the crawlspace. The seamless join of the foam to the vapor barrier is air and moisture tight, and does not rely on taped seams that will dry out in a few years. This is SmartSeal advantage — a complete moisture-stopping, energy efficient system for your home.

For new homes, code requires the crawl space to be insulated and conditioned, just like a mini basement. The SmartSeal System now is available with a plastic version for homes of any age, and unlike the usual clean space vapor barrier everyone has seen, our system will pay for itself in energy savings. It’s good for your health, and good for the environment.

The SmartSeal Lite system is available in all of Chicago, Chicago suburbs, Indiana, Michigan in the Midwest and our Southeast locations in Atlanta and Athens Georgia as well as Greenville, NC.

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Very good service and knowledgeable.
I have been a satisfied client for over 10 yrs. 
– Happy Client

Very good service and knowledgeable.
I have been a satisfied client for over 10 yrs. 
– Happy Client

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