Benefits of Encapsulating Your Crawlspace 


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• Mold and Mildew
• Rodents, Rats, Mice
• Musty Odors
• Standing Water


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• Energy bills
• Allergies & Asthma
• Radon Gas Seepage


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• Home Value
• Energy Efficiency
• Usable storage area
• Livability
• Peace of Mind

Why Crawlspace Repair?

Crawlspace Repair is not just about waterproofing or sealing and insulating. It is about crawlspace encapsulation, and the building science behind this recent crawlspace improvement industry. The relationship between your air quality, humidity, energy use, the potentials for mold and moisture build up, all factor into a healthy and efficient home. The website portal offers the most advanced crawlspace information available, and we have the most experienced crawlspace encapsulation contractors in the business. 

We have several crawlspace solutions to fit every budget and each crawlspace situation. Please browse through our website portal and resources and feel free to reach out to us anytime. We value you and not only offer education and information about crawlspaces but can ensure that you are matched up with one of our Premier Crawlspace Contractors in your area. 

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Providing the most up to date information about crawlspaces globally, from simple solutions to waterproofing, concrete encapsulation, structural repair, rat proofing and spray foam insulation for basements and crawlspaces. Our Crawlspace information portal has you covered!

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