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Passive Mitigation of Radon


Air sealing of the crawlspace ground is considered a “passive” method of controlling soil gasses, and should be done in advance of Radon testing.

Air sealing is a difficult proposition in a crawlspace. Standard plastic and tape are generally not enough due to the inherent flaws of plastic and tape systems. The Nu-Crawl Space System can be used under the guidance of licensed Radon mitigation provider or simply as part of a passive system.

○ Nu-Crawl liners are seamless and durable.
○ Concrete is porous and does not stop soil gases.
○ Plastic and tape systems are easily compromised.

A Seamless Nu-Crawl Space liner is the barricade you need to stop the onslaught of all insects. Using closed cell foam as wall insulation to stop air infiltration also can stop insects. When used in combination, with steel wool closed cell foam can stop the most persistent rodent problems. Our certified Nu-Crawl installers are well versed in insect and rodent control.

This review is long overdue. After looking at other companies, Nu-Crawl was who we chose. If you do your research, you'll understand why. What was once a disaster of a place is now somewhere you don't mind going into to for extra storage. What I find unbelievable is with the recent negative 24 degrees we experienced in the Chicago area, the crawlspace feels warmer than the 69 degrees I have my furnace thermostat set at. Sooooo glad we went with Greg and his crew and product.

- Karen Munthe

Great company, Great system, Great people. If you want the best these guys are it. Do some homework and you'll see. Thanks for great job on the crawl space.

- Kevin Wilson

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